Hey everyone !

Looking for a chill out lounge environment to meet LGBT girls in Tokyo? Don’t look further! Birdcage is a “girls only” event taking place during the day so you can enjoy meeting people without the heavy boom boom of the sono !

Come enjoy !

PS : Sorry because there is alcohol, only people over 20+ years old can enter, ID will be checked at the entrance.

What kind of event is it?

For those who wants a change of pace from noisy clubs, girls can gather and talk freely and simply a drink in one hand in a fashionable venue during the day.
The staff will also be here to talk to you or to help you talk with others.

1st party gallery
2st party gallery
3st party gallery
4th party gallery

Who do we recommend this event for?

✓ People who are looking for new encounters not only lovers
✓ People who would like to meet someone other than in a club
✓ People who are worried about participating alone and being able to speak to someone
✓ It is not a club party but a fun and relax event.

Stay tune for our latest updates!

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